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An Introduction to Paper by Facebook

If you’re one of the many who hasn’t downloaded Paper by Facebook because your friends are saying they don’t like it you’re missing out on a great app. Facebook is letting you build your own portable, beautiful and totally customizable newspaper.

Let’s face it, people are probably just saying they don’t like the app because it’s new and every time Facebook changes something people jump on the ‘I hate it’ train. So, let’s take a little journey through setting up your newly established Paper app…

Step 1: Of course, download the app.

Get Started - Paper

Step 2: Start building out your paper by adding your Newsfeed. Your Newsfeed becomes it’s own section, where you can still read posts from your friends and stay in touch with what’s going on. You can like, comment and share from here as well. Not to mention you can send and receive messages, accept and deny friend requests and receive notifications too.

Paper - 3Paper - 2

Step 3: Create your ultimate paper. You can add sections that include the latest news headlines, home decorating, funny things and articles related to Earth, space and science. Just slide through the options and whenever you want to add a section slide it up into your paper. To remove a section just slide it back down.

Paper - 4

Here are the sections that I’ve added to my Paper so far: Headlines, Tech, Enterprise, Pop Life, Creators, Flavor, Home and Ideas.

Step 4: Check out your masterpiece. Swipe the large image left and right to navigate through the sections in your Paper. To read articles within a section swipe the bottom half left and right until you find something interesting, then swipe it up to read more and back down when you are finished and want to move on to a new section.

Paper - 5

Want to share something on Facebook? You can easily swipe the top half of your screen down to create your own post. Easily share articles from your Paper by touching the arrow icon appearing after you select an article.

Paper - 7

There you have it. Paper by Facebook is truly that simple.

So, what will you share next?

How To Handle Social Media Complainers

The odds that your company will one day experience the ‘social media complainer’ are high. Even more so if you are involved in the service industry. So, what do you do when an unhappy customer decides to let you have it online?

Well, first you need to identify what type of complainer you are dealing with and then follow through accordingly. We thought this infographic would be perfect for helping you handle social media complainers, just in time for the holidays.

How to Deal with Social Media Complainers
by Pardot.

What color is this? An interesting debate.

What color is this?

Recently a friend posted an image of a solid color on Facebook with a simple question:

What color is this?

Not a question you might ask yourself too often, but you may be surprised how many different variations, practices and methods there are to answering that question.

There were a variety of answers. (more…)

Analyzing search trends to gain insight into customer demand

Search Engine Optimization…we’ve all heard of it.

When most people think of SEO they think of getting keywords to the top of Google to bring targeted traffic to a website. Fundamentally that is the main purpose of SEO, but very few people consider other ways that SEO can be utilized to help your marketing, innovation efforts and overall business strategy. (more…)

10 CSS Tricks for All WordPress Designers

Let’s dive in, shall we? When it comes to WordPress, even the best themes need a little tweaking. Below I have added CSS tricks and tips to make WordPress designer’s jobs just a bit easier. Make sure to check out the resources at the very bottom too. Enjoy! (more…)


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