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From Tumblr to WordPress, a Beginner’s Point of View

What first attracted me to WordPress was my need for growth. I had previously maintained a blog on tumblr to document my travels. Tumblr was an easy-to-use site where I could post stories, quotes, pictures, and videos.  The layouts were nice, but when it came to designing my posts, I noticed there wasn’t enough customization. Tumblr was designed similar to Twitter, with a constantly updating “news feed” and ability to “re-blog”.  So I realized that I had out-grown Tumblr.

Tumblr BlogIn my search to find a blog hosting site that would cater to beginners, but still gave me the freedom to grow I found that WordPress was the best match. I initially started transferring my old posts on Tumblr to new post on WordPress. When choosing a layout, I appreciated the many options that were available.  Layouts are available for a small price or no price at all. They vary from professional to amateur, from artists to business men.

I was pleased to be able to edit my text more so that my post not only looked more appealing, but also represented the ideas I had in my mind.  I am not trying to discredit Tumblr. I think it is still a very fun, useful site for blogging.  I do miss how I was able to post videos without having to upgrade my membership or link them through YouTube. However, WordPress is perfect for people that are just starting and want a simple blog, as well as those who have a few hours a week to learn how to create a professional looking site.

WordPress BlogIn no way does WordPress replace a professional web designer or developer that can deliver a unique and creative site. But WordPress does give competitors a run for their money, while users decide the money, time, and expertise to commit. Without having to understand html coding, WordPress is a great place to create your personal page or professional business site.

Thanks for reading!

– Shetara

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