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GroupTable is a cloud based collaboration tool tailored for student groups that enhances document management, communication, organization and project planning. As an initial endeavor with a high level of potential, it needed the resources to project an image that was self-explanatory and the ability to stand out amongst the rest.


GroupTable had a great product, but little awareness in the marketplace. As an online collaboration tool, it also competed against a number of other big players in the search engines. The challenge was to help GroupTable not only raise their visibility online through search engine optimization, but begin tracking their online sales through analytics to determine the traffic sources and keywords that were producing new business for them.   GroupTable needed to increase their keyword rankings, generate more search engine traffic and ultimately generate more business by converting a higher amount of visitors into paying customers.


Brand Advance began their mission by accessing their Google analytics account establishing a baseline of what GroupTable’s current website traffic was and where it was coming from.  Other factors such as bounce rate, the number of people that come to the website and leave without viewing another page, and the geographic location of the website visitors were also identified.  Through this review we were able to determine what keywords were referring the most traffic currently and used those keywords as a starting point to identify a large list of relevant keywords that would be ideal for GroupTable to rank for.  Through a variety of SEO tools we have available we were able to identify the keyword difficulty, or competitiveness of each keyword, as well as GroupTable’s current rankings for each of the prospective keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing.    We also were able to determine what websites were currently linking to GroupTable  and were able to identify a larger list of potential link prospects based on the information gathered.  Once we set a goal of increasing GroupTable’s organic search traffic by 40-50% over the next year and developed a plan to make it happen.  We also wanted to begin tracking GroupTable’s conversions to understand what keywords were leading to new business.  This would enable us to not only increase the traffic to the site, but the online sales of GroupTable as well.

GroupTable Website


After three months of working with the Brand Advance team, GroupTable began seeing results.  After the years end GroupTable was ranking on the first page, and often within the top three, for a variety of extremely competitive keywords such as:   “group collaboration,” “group collaboration software,” and “group management” and “manage groups” and “groups online”.  GroupTable experienced tremendous growth over the course of the year.

GroupTable Analytics


  • Organic Search Engine traffic increase by over 160%
  • Average visit time spent on site through organic search increased by over one minute
  • GroupTable ranked in the top ten for over 20 high quality keywords
  • GroupTable ranked #2 (behind wikipedia) for the keyword “Group Collaboration”, which has over 143 million results.
  • Estimated Cost Per Click if Utilizing Paid Search for the keyword: Group Collaboration: $4.88
  • Average search volume for the keyword Group Collaboration: 6,600+
  • Estimated Commercial Value Group Collaboration Keyword: $32,208 per Month
  • Number 2 Ranking Generally Receives 11.9% of Click Throughs = 785 Clicks
  • 785 clicks x $4.88 CPC= $3,830.80
  • GroupTable’s Ranking for “Group Collaboration” is Commercially Worth about $46,000 per Year

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